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Eye Toe Eye

7 Jun


Eye am so happy to see clearly again! I hope this is a topic where we don’t see “eye toe eye”.

I have had lots of silly accidents in my lifetime. Luckily, none of them have been major and I haven’t had any broken bones. One recurring theme especially in the kitchen has been getting things in my eye. Now when I get something in my eye I generally turn into a big whinny baby. Screaming, jumping up and down, trying not to mutter a single curse word, you get the picture. I always ask my husband what to do because I also seem to have brain fade at the same time. Every time, the same thing… “Wash your eye out.”. Why am I always shocked and frustrated by this answer?

I SUCK at washing my eye out. Remember, the above description of what happens when I get something in my eye?

Why can’t I simply rinse my eye out with water? I’ve had almost everything imaginable in my eye from the kitchen spices, lemon, jalapeƱo, hot grease and on occasion more than one ingredient at a time. My eyes sound kind of tasty!

This particular incident didn’t take place in the kitchen. I got poked in the eye with my daughters toe! How crazy is that? My eyes are just glutens for punishment. It’s amazing I can still see with all of the damage they have received over the years.

The best part of this response is the sincerity and sweetness of this little cutie next to me. She immediately came to my rescue, then promptly cleaned up all of her messes around the house. She’s still asking if my eye is ok.

This time my husband wasn’t around so I had to consult with others. Others meaning I looked it up online! I iced my eye for the pain and looked for information that could be pertinent to my situation. As usual the Internet scared me to death! For the first time I was actually aware of the very real possibility of losing my eyesight! I had never thought of this possibility during any of my other injuries. I decided I needed to take action so I called a nurse hotline.

The nurse did her best at assessing my situation and said I should seek treatment within three hours. Unfortunately, hubby was at work and he doesn’t have a nice little office job where he could just come get me and I didn’t feel safe driving with one eye and a major headache. Instead I called in a few favors and took some ibuprofen.

A few friends that also happen to be nurses stopped by and saw a possible cut. I assumed that all an ophthalmologist could do with a tiny scratch was give me some pain medication so I didn’t want to go waste money on something that would take care of itself. Boy was I wrong!

The next day was incredibly more painful. I couldn’t stand to open my eyes. Opening one eye was painful due to the squinting and to make matters worse it felt like something was in my eye. You know that annoying feeling when you get a bug in your eye or one of those tiny little styes on the tip of your eyelid?

I couldn’t take it anymore I needed more pain relief then I could get from 800 mg of ibuprofen and I needed to see to take care of my family and business.

I finally found an ophthalmologist and had to rush to get dressed and down to the office before they closed.

The sunlight was harsh! Even under sunglasses. I was very glad I didn’t try to drive on my own the day before.

Oh the joys of my first time ever seeing an ophthalmologist! Luckily, the doctor was great with me and very patient.

I wish I wasn’t the patient so I could have seen what they saw. My husband even got to check my out. They used a Fluorescein eye stain to look at it and asses the damage. Sure enough I had a nice little scratch across my eye. Luckily it was clean and free of debris or bacteria! I assume it looked something like this but a clean straight diagonal scratch.

I was very shocked by the treatment for this injury! I had no idea what the ophthalmologist was going to do for me. If I did I would have gone sooner. They were able to numb my eye of course which was already heaven. But for the treatment they applied an antibiotic using a contact lens! What a novel concept! Not only was the pain gone but so was that annoying feeling of having something in my eye. I felt human again!

I got home and made dinner and a few business calls and then Wham! The pain came back full force. It was excruciating. I had to lay down and rest my poor eyes. Luckily, It slowly got better as I got into the routine of applying the prescribed drops. It never got infected and I didn’t lose my eye. I’m very glad I saw the ophthalmologist though. It was well worth the silly copay’s to have piece of mind and enough pain relief to function in a half way decent manner. Without insurance… I don’t know what I would have done. Probably, just waited it out. The nurse even asked very concerned why did you wait so long. Before I could answer the ophthalmologist said “She thought it would take care of itself.”

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