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Baked Barbecue Chicken

8 Jun

Had a long busy day? Don’t feel like slicing, dicing and measuring? Here is a great easy and delicious recipe.

What I love best about this recipe is when I’m feeling extra lazy I just use some of the pre-seasoned chicken from the store so I don’t even have to measure anything. This oven baked barbecue chicken is a breeze! You can’t mess it up. You do need about 2 hrs start to finish to make it though. So make sure you pop it in the oven as soon as you get home if you’ve been out all day or you’ll be eating dinner at 10 o’clock like me.

One time I set the cook timer on the oven and had to leave the house. No one bothered to take it out of the oven and we discovered a new trick! If you want your chicken so tender and juicy that it falls off the bone turn the oven off once its done and leave it in the oven while you make the sides.


Experimenting With Marinades

16 May

Chicken Salad for lunch! Yum! I’m trying to treat my body right and get back to eating healthier so I tried to make a salad similar to Burger Kings Chicken, Apple, Cranberry Salad (from memory and my memory forgot a few details like apples).

Doesn’t it look delicious! Well I’ve eaten it several times and it is definitely delicious! I am not any good at making recipes but here are the details of what I did. I covered the chicken breasts in Newman’s Own Lite Raspberry Walnut dressing and let them sit for about an hour. I poked them a few times with a fork just to make sure they had fully defrosted. They hadn’t so I defrosted them a few more seconds in the microwave. I set my George Foreman grill to 350 and let it heat up. I sprinkled a bit of sea salt and pepper on top of the chicken still in the marinade. Then once the grill was ready I put them on and sprinkled the other side with some sea salt and pepper.

This was my first time marinating chicken in salad dressing and I wanted to make sure they didn’t come out dry and flavorless. I just barely finished checking out a section in The Science of Good Cooking on marinating which is why I chose to add some salt.

I grilled them on the George Fireman grill for six minutes. Then I flipped them (for aesthetic purposes) and grilled for 6 more minutes. They were very juicy!


Next I sliced them up and set up a build your own salad buffet at the dinner table only I forgot about the apples and we don’t eat a lot of cheese around here. We used romaine hearts and the most delicious croutons ever because I wanted a bit of crunch. After the first bite I remembered that I usually add pecans to my salad at Burger King not croutons but it was still delicious! What are you eating today?


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