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It’s Not Burnt, It’s Cajun!

29 May

It’s kind of funny that I remember saying this to my mom all the time when I was younger! I’m almost positive I burn a lot more food than she ever did and she did it a lot. She always said she wanted to make sure it was done…
I can’t use that excuse for grilled cheese 😏.

I’m pretty sure it was done and it definitely wasn’t Cajun. I quickly removed most of the blackened burnt toast particles with a few swift flicks of my wrist as I had done and seen my mother do many times before and went on making lunch for the kids. I got to thinking though… Is the burnt stuff on this toast as bad for us as the black lines on grilled meat we talked about in What’s Good Isn’t Always Good For You?

I couldn’t spend too much time thinking about it because I still needed to find something for me to eat for lunch outside with the kids. As I continued making grill cheese sandwiches for the kids I considered eating one myself. I don’t recall my mother ever making grilled cheese sandwiches for me it probably isn’t something she has ever made. I believe my kids may have had their first grilled cheese sandwich at a Denny’s! Then one day my oldest started making them herself.

I have made very few grilled cheese sandwiches in my life until recently and I do find them tasty but didn’t think I should eat one. It seems to be the only thing I can really count on the little kids to happily ear for lunch lately. There was still the question of what to make for myself. I longed for leftovers from last nights Chipotle Chicken dinner but there wasn’t any. I dreamed of sushi salad but we didn’t have any cucumbers or carrots left. Finally, I decided to make a Jimmy Dean Southern Style Chicken Biscuit (which is apparently supposed to be for breakfast) and a salad. To make up for my lack luster lunch I grabbed a V8 Fusion drink.

Perhaps we should have tossed the burnt grilled cheese sandwich just to be on the safe side according to Doctor Oz’s article on Toxic Toast Do you eat your burnt toast or toss it?


Cereal! It’s what’s for breakfast!

8 Feb

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a bowl of cereal in my life! I hope this experience isn’t like when you wait to see this amazing movie and your expectations are so high the movie sucks even though everyone else thinks its great…

Well let’s get on with it! This is what I used to love for breakfast or a snack

Kashi strawberry fields cereal tastes devine! Unfortunately, as the box clearly states it is made with wheat flakes so I haven’t eaten any in quite awhile. Even though everyone in my family loves Kashi’s Strawberry Fields ceral they all seemed to stop eating it at the same time I did. I was on a subscribe and save program with amazon to make sure we were always fully stocked so I still have four boxes of it! It’s a good thing cereal lasts forever! They still have until June to eat it. On to the exciting news during my wheat-free/gluten-free shopping spree I stumbled upon this little gem

Glutino Gluten Free corn rice flakes with strawberries! I can hardly wait! So far I believe I have enjoyed most of the Glutino products I have tried. I have heard a lot about gluten-free products being full of extra calories sugars and salts to make them taste good. Luckily that is not the the case here the Glutino product has the same calorie count per 1 cup of cereal with matching amounts of carbs, sugar and proteins. It also has less sodium, 15% of vitamin A, 35% of vitamin C, and 45% of your daily iron which is way better than what Kashi’s Strawberry Fields was giving me so I’m excited to try this product! Here are the nutrition labels…


It wasn’t horrible and it wasn’t great either. If I had to pick one based on taste alone I’m pretty sure I would pick the Kashi it tastes great with milk or alone. The Glutino Gluten Free Corn Rice Flake with Strawberries taste great dry but I don’t like the texture or the taste as much with milk. In a pinch I would buy the Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings simply because I’m craving cereal but not because of the taste. Have you tried a gluten free cereal that you love?

Wheat-Free/ Gluten-Free Crouton substitute!!! Yay me!

8 Feb

I really needed a quick light snack before bed so I tasted these Glutino bagel crisps. They were full of flavor! I liked these gluten free bagel crisps a lot because they remind me of croutons. They are a yummy little snack. I definetly recommend these gluten free Glutino bagel crisps for general snacking and for salad toppings!

Wowy! Gluten-Free Shopping Spree

8 Feb

Yay! This is the best day yet! I just set myself loose at an out of town Walmart
and brought home a bunch of wheat-free and gluten-free products to try out!

Unfortunately, our local stores don’t have many gluten-free or wheat-free options. They carry a gluten-free Betty Crocker yellow cake mix that I found dry and grainy as well as a gluten-free Betty Crocker brownie mix. Which tasted ok. I have also tried some HEB brand rice crackers that were extremely, extremely salty!

Of course I’m not going to try them all in one day although I would absolutely love to feast on all these yummy things we’ll take it one wheat-free/gluten-free snack at a time.




Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?

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