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Eye Toe Eye

7 Jun


Eye am so happy to see clearly again! I hope this is a topic where we don’t see “eye toe eye”.

I have had lots of silly accidents in my lifetime. Luckily, none of them have been major and I haven’t had any broken bones. One recurring theme especially in the kitchen has been getting things in my eye. Now when I get something in my eye I generally turn into a big whinny baby. Screaming, jumping up and down, trying not to mutter a single curse word, you get the picture. I always ask my husband what to do because I also seem to have brain fade at the same time. Every time, the same thing… “Wash your eye out.”. Why am I always shocked and frustrated by this answer?

I SUCK at washing my eye out. Remember, the above description of what happens when I get something in my eye?

Why can’t I simply rinse my eye out with water? I’ve had almost everything imaginable in my eye from the kitchen spices, lemon, jalapeño, hot grease and on occasion more than one ingredient at a time. My eyes sound kind of tasty!

This particular incident didn’t take place in the kitchen. I got poked in the eye with my daughters toe! How crazy is that? My eyes are just glutens for punishment. It’s amazing I can still see with all of the damage they have received over the years.

The best part of this response is the sincerity and sweetness of this little cutie next to me. She immediately came to my rescue, then promptly cleaned up all of her messes around the house. She’s still asking if my eye is ok.

This time my husband wasn’t around so I had to consult with others. Others meaning I looked it up online! I iced my eye for the pain and looked for information that could be pertinent to my situation. As usual the Internet scared me to death! For the first time I was actually aware of the very real possibility of losing my eyesight! I had never thought of this possibility during any of my other injuries. I decided I needed to take action so I called a nurse hotline.

The nurse did her best at assessing my situation and said I should seek treatment within three hours. Unfortunately, hubby was at work and he doesn’t have a nice little office job where he could just come get me and I didn’t feel safe driving with one eye and a major headache. Instead I called in a few favors and took some ibuprofen.

A few friends that also happen to be nurses stopped by and saw a possible cut. I assumed that all an ophthalmologist could do with a tiny scratch was give me some pain medication so I didn’t want to go waste money on something that would take care of itself. Boy was I wrong!

The next day was incredibly more painful. I couldn’t stand to open my eyes. Opening one eye was painful due to the squinting and to make matters worse it felt like something was in my eye. You know that annoying feeling when you get a bug in your eye or one of those tiny little styes on the tip of your eyelid?

I couldn’t take it anymore I needed more pain relief then I could get from 800 mg of ibuprofen and I needed to see to take care of my family and business.

I finally found an ophthalmologist and had to rush to get dressed and down to the office before they closed.

The sunlight was harsh! Even under sunglasses. I was very glad I didn’t try to drive on my own the day before.

Oh the joys of my first time ever seeing an ophthalmologist! Luckily, the doctor was great with me and very patient.

I wish I wasn’t the patient so I could have seen what they saw. My husband even got to check my out. They used a Fluorescein eye stain to look at it and asses the damage. Sure enough I had a nice little scratch across my eye. Luckily it was clean and free of debris or bacteria! I assume it looked something like this but a clean straight diagonal scratch.

I was very shocked by the treatment for this injury! I had no idea what the ophthalmologist was going to do for me. If I did I would have gone sooner. They were able to numb my eye of course which was already heaven. But for the treatment they applied an antibiotic using a contact lens! What a novel concept! Not only was the pain gone but so was that annoying feeling of having something in my eye. I felt human again!

I got home and made dinner and a few business calls and then Wham! The pain came back full force. It was excruciating. I had to lay down and rest my poor eyes. Luckily, It slowly got better as I got into the routine of applying the prescribed drops. It never got infected and I didn’t lose my eye. I’m very glad I saw the ophthalmologist though. It was well worth the silly copay’s to have piece of mind and enough pain relief to function in a half way decent manner. Without insurance… I don’t know what I would have done. Probably, just waited it out. The nurse even asked very concerned why did you wait so long. Before I could answer the ophthalmologist said “She thought it would take care of itself.”


It’s Not Burnt, It’s Cajun!

29 May

It’s kind of funny that I remember saying this to my mom all the time when I was younger! I’m almost positive I burn a lot more food than she ever did and she did it a lot. She always said she wanted to make sure it was done…
I can’t use that excuse for grilled cheese 😏.

I’m pretty sure it was done and it definitely wasn’t Cajun. I quickly removed most of the blackened burnt toast particles with a few swift flicks of my wrist as I had done and seen my mother do many times before and went on making lunch for the kids. I got to thinking though… Is the burnt stuff on this toast as bad for us as the black lines on grilled meat we talked about in What’s Good Isn’t Always Good For You?

I couldn’t spend too much time thinking about it because I still needed to find something for me to eat for lunch outside with the kids. As I continued making grill cheese sandwiches for the kids I considered eating one myself. I don’t recall my mother ever making grilled cheese sandwiches for me it probably isn’t something she has ever made. I believe my kids may have had their first grilled cheese sandwich at a Denny’s! Then one day my oldest started making them herself.

I have made very few grilled cheese sandwiches in my life until recently and I do find them tasty but didn’t think I should eat one. It seems to be the only thing I can really count on the little kids to happily ear for lunch lately. There was still the question of what to make for myself. I longed for leftovers from last nights Chipotle Chicken dinner but there wasn’t any. I dreamed of sushi salad but we didn’t have any cucumbers or carrots left. Finally, I decided to make a Jimmy Dean Southern Style Chicken Biscuit (which is apparently supposed to be for breakfast) and a salad. To make up for my lack luster lunch I grabbed a V8 Fusion drink.

Perhaps we should have tossed the burnt grilled cheese sandwich just to be on the safe side according to Doctor Oz’s article on Toxic Toast Do you eat your burnt toast or toss it?

A Special Sunday: A Mix of Mother’s Day Blogs

29 May

I just found this and its so full of rich and inspiring blogs but I don’t have the time to check them all out now so I had to reblog it for myself and anyone else that may be open to finding a few new blogs to follow. So far my favorites are Spilled Milk and Butterfly Mind. Who are you already following are planning to follow from this list?

The Blog

In some parts around the world, this Sunday is dedicated to the mothers out there. For Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up sites on motherhood, parenting, and family. On, you’ll discover mothers on all paths: new moms, stay-at-home-moms, single moms, mothers who are full-time writers, and more. (Even mommy men, as you’ll see below.)

We especially want to highlight bloggers with unique perspectives and thoughtful commentary, as well as collaborative blogs with multiple contributors. So, we hope you enjoy this sampling of sites in honor of this special day.

Butterfly Mind

Creative nonfiction writer Andrea Badgley lives with her husband and two children in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. In the past, she’s caught our eye with thoughtful posts on both family and the writing life: a piece on putting food on the table, and a post on revisiting her childhood diaries. Her blog is a delight: lovely musings on 

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What’s good, isn’t always good for you

23 May

Every now and then my husband has a craving for something I don’t make very often that he really likes. Like most of the population its usually something that isn’t good for you. This time it was ribs.

I obliged because he says I make the best ribs. Who can say no to that! My rib success is not my own however. All the credit goes to Tony Roma’s and a book I picked up awhile back called Top Secret Restaurant Recipes.

So this is how the story goes, I am one of the millions addicted to Candy Crush, if you haven’t played it yet go now! What are you waiting for?

Anyways… the point of my tangent was I spent time playing Candy Crush when I should have been making the barbecue sauce to marinate the ribs overnight so he could enjoy them for dinner today. I was so tired I didn’t want to spend another hour in the kitchen. I really just wanted to go to sleep. However, I finally got the sauce made wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the refrigerator at 1 am so they could at least marinate for around 12 hours. That’s love and procrastination at work!

Here’s how they looked just before grilling, slathered in sauce…20130522-193757.jpg
The fun part of this story is that lately my husband has been learning about all the food items I have been telling him to avoid for years. This is what he sent me this afternoon Then he tells me we should only eat fish and chicken which I have been saying for years now! I love him and want to keep him around and healthy for years to come, so I’m glad he’s finally come to this conclusion. I just wish it was before I invested so much time, money and energy into making a meal I can’t even eat. Hopefully we will be having more healthy meals as time goes on.

By the way, in case you didn’t know those tasty black lines we make when we grill our food are also carcinogenic.

If you still want to make these ribs here’s a link to the recipe that I found online. It tells you how to make the sauce. In the book Todd Wilbur gives excellent detailed instructions on marinating, slow cooking and grilling these presumably tasty ribs. I had never made ribs before this recipe so I found it very useful. You may be able to find it somewhere else on line I haven’t searched for it personally since I already have the book. Happy grilling (in moderation)!

Be careful what you eat…

Cheap Therapy

13 May

Wow! I never realized blogging could be a form of therapy until now. A very cheap form of therapy at that. I have been really sick all week and kind of dreading the weekend. I was dreading Mother’s Day so much this year that I typed out my top complaints about the holiday to see if anyone else felt the same way.

As I was typing it out I really was trying to figure out what had brought me to this point because I didn’t recall actually hating this holiday 10 or so years ago. A lot has changed in those ten years so at first I thought maybe I had blocked it out since I try not to hold on to the bad parts of life. But that’s not the case because I had a few instances I could remember like my grandmother not answering her door one Mother’s Day and driving around looking for a Sunday brunch in a new town. They were both disappointing Mother’s Day events but I was obviously still trying to make the best out of a crappy situation.

Finally, it dawned on me! I enjoyed most of my early Mother’s Days as a new mom with my extended family at church. I spent a lot of time at church driving 30 minutes or more to get there often twice a week depending on where I lived at the time. I loved my church and I loved my church family! I was there every Sunday and Wednesday rain or shine. Even when I was driving a clunker and had to fill it up with a bottle of oil to get home after each service. I miss you guys! Much love!!!

Regardless of what anyone says about church and religion it definitely got me through some rough patches in life with poise and grace. We have moved several times and several miles away from the church I was lead to and fell in love with back in college. Unfortunately, like your first love no one else compares. I have tried going to other churches, bonding with new friends, making new extended family but nothing seems to fit. Am I blocking these relationships on purpose because I have no desire to find someone new and close the door on the past or is the missing link just missing and irreplaceable…

Happy Mother’s Day blah, blah, blah

12 May

Once upon a time Mother’s Day was an exciting fanciful time. It consisted of spending time with all the lovely women in my extended family and a delicious brunch.

Then something happened, I’m not sure what but suddenly and inexplicably it sucked. Well maybe not suddenly. I’m sure it has been a slow but gradual boil like cooking a frog but I realize the water is hot now and I want out!!!

First of all I have been sick every Mother’s Day for multiple years in a row now (I’m so sick of being sick). That ruins my mood from the beginning because when my family asks what I want to do on what is supposed to be my special day as the matriarch all I want to do is stay in bed all day and have someone take care of me for a change. Boring, and no one takes you seriously when you ask for that (believe me I’ve tried).

The next thing that bugs me is it’s supposed to be my special day, moms spend most of their lives planning, instructing and directing can’t someone else orchestrate things for one day?

If you really have to ask the only thing on my list of things to do on Mother’s Day is go to a delicious brunch like I did with my mom when I was a little kid. Relax and enjoy some time with my family.

Now achieving this simple request has been quite a hurtle the last few years because first of all I never think of it until Mother’s Day gets here! Secondly, my kids are kids… I wish they could find away to not get themselves in trouble and get along with each other just for one day. The odds are against me though with five kids someone’s always liable to screw things up for everyone else involved. I don’t think there is a single thing all 7 of us agree on except that we like sushi (or rolls to be exact)! I wish there was a Benihana near by!


Then just like Valentine’s Day and Christmas there’s this whole forced, coerced part that I hate!!! I mean really hate. If I want to get somebody something to show them how much I love and care for them that’s great. If I happen to stumble across the perfect gift for someone that’s great. However, when you are forced to go through a shopping list worth of people and try to match a gift to each of them so their feelings won’t be hurt and they won’t think poorly of you I have a problem. I have my mom, step-mom, mother-in-law…the list goes on and on from there. I’m glad I have such wonderful women still alive and in my life to honor but it would be better if I didn’t feel like I had to. Maybe it’s just me, I’m a little jaded I guess since I wasn’t raised with a lot of gift giving. This is how I feel about all holidays that are tied to gift giving (except my birthday of course😉).

I really love my mother. She is an amazing woman and as I grow older I respect and understand the choices she has had to make throughout her life. I may not agree with them but I understand them. She was a single mother and did the best she could. I have always had a hard time finding the right card for her. They don’t exactly have one that says “roses are red, your house is so clean, I really just wish you weren’t so mean…” or “thanks for all the turmoil it makes me appreciate peace even more” or how about “you’re not the best but you’re my mom and I love you for it keep on keeping on”. Ha, ha! I suppose I’m being a bit harsh but that’s definitely how I felt as a teenager and for many years after that. Even if those kinds of cards did exist I don’t think anyone should purchase them but buying your mom a Mother’s Day card that praises her for being the best most holy thing on earth is a bit of a stretch when you don’t really feel that way. This makes finding a card for my mom take forever! Where do you find a Mother’s day card for your stepmom? How do you make sure she doesn’t get a nicer card then your actual mom even if she’s a lot easier to get along with. Then there are the in-laws and other extended family members. What if you haven’t really connected? You get along you’re nice to each other but you don’t feel connected. As the designated gift giver of the household how do you figure out what to get for these obligatory gifts? I finally got smart and started making electronic “cards” mostly pictures of the kids who wouldn’t appreciate that! At least I don’t feel like I’m waisting money or sending anyone useless junk.

However, I’m usually done with Mother’s Day before it even gets here… Am I the only one or can I join an anti-Mother’s Day group just like the single people on Valentine’s Day and go have a pressure free good time!

Whoops I did it again!

9 Jul

How in the world do I keep poisoning my children? Yesterday was the little one’s first birthday and we didn’t have time to celebrate properly, so today I baked him a giant red velvet cupcake and we had ice cream and all the fixings for a party. I just gave him his little slice of cake and ice cream and he was sitting in his high chair playing and eating and having a good time. He was so excited to have his piece of cake then I realized he wasn’t really eating anymore he just looked miserable and he was scratching, and scratching, and scratching. I figured he had a bunch of cake and ice cream all over himself so I’d give him a bath and make dinner and all would be well. To my surprise as I was bathing him I realized he was covered in his chest area and around his neck in giant welts much like the ones his sister had when she was having a peanut allergy reaction so I freaked a little bit. I quickly washed him off, got him out of the tub, and started to survey his welts. I had no idea what was causing this reaction. So I covered him in some Dermacort. Put some clothes on him to help keep him from scratching and ran off to the store to get the Benadryl I couldn’t find at home. Once I got to the medication aisle at the grocery store I remembered where the Benadryl was. I called home and hubby verified that it’s there but as I’m looking at all the medication I see that you have to be two years or older to use all of it. Smart me I pick up the phone again and I find the 800# for our nurse hotline, am I genius or what? I called the nurse and after chitchatting with her for a minute I told her what was going on and unfortunately it turns out they can’t prescribe or suggest any Benadryl for anyone under 20 pounds and I believe the baby is only about 14 pounds he’s such a tiny little guy. so I head home to see what I can do for him there. Luckily, by the time I got home he was fine as if it never even happened! What a fluke…

4 minute workout! Really!

8 Apr

While hanging out on Pinterest I stumbled upon this 4 minute workout of course I was curious to try it out. I usually skip working out on Sunday (and any other day I can find more important things to do LOL) but I’m trying to get myself back on track and make exercise part of everyday so I won’t come up with excuses not to workout or eat right. Needless to say I tried it just now and it was a bit tough. I’m still breathing a bit heavy and my chest burns. The actual workout really only lasted 4 minutes. You do 20 seconds of an exercise and then ten seconds of rest. There are only four exercises including jumping jacks and high knees to name a few. I wore my heart rate monitor to check out the claims. They say it will boost your heart rate and increase your metabolism over the next 12-36 hours! This is quite a claim for a 4 minute workout. I am suspicious that perhaps all exercises do just that. Well so far I burned 27 calories during the exercise itself. For a period of time after that my heart rate was at 191 since I have been sitting here typing it has lowered down to 93 (my heart rate just before the workout was 85). I’m going to church today so I won’t be wearing this contraption all day but I will keep it on until it’s time to leave and check out my heart rate later today as well then update this post with the results!

It’s been about an hour… I’ve made/ate/cleaned up breakfast and now I’m sitting here feeding the baby. When I checked my heart rate monitor I was at about 85 and had burned 174 calories. Now I’m down to 82 at 198 calories. I’ll check back with more on this 4 minute workout in a few hours…

Cereal! It’s what’s for breakfast!

8 Feb

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a bowl of cereal in my life! I hope this experience isn’t like when you wait to see this amazing movie and your expectations are so high the movie sucks even though everyone else thinks its great…

Well let’s get on with it! This is what I used to love for breakfast or a snack

Kashi strawberry fields cereal tastes devine! Unfortunately, as the box clearly states it is made with wheat flakes so I haven’t eaten any in quite awhile. Even though everyone in my family loves Kashi’s Strawberry Fields ceral they all seemed to stop eating it at the same time I did. I was on a subscribe and save program with amazon to make sure we were always fully stocked so I still have four boxes of it! It’s a good thing cereal lasts forever! They still have until June to eat it. On to the exciting news during my wheat-free/gluten-free shopping spree I stumbled upon this little gem

Glutino Gluten Free corn rice flakes with strawberries! I can hardly wait! So far I believe I have enjoyed most of the Glutino products I have tried. I have heard a lot about gluten-free products being full of extra calories sugars and salts to make them taste good. Luckily that is not the the case here the Glutino product has the same calorie count per 1 cup of cereal with matching amounts of carbs, sugar and proteins. It also has less sodium, 15% of vitamin A, 35% of vitamin C, and 45% of your daily iron which is way better than what Kashi’s Strawberry Fields was giving me so I’m excited to try this product! Here are the nutrition labels…


It wasn’t horrible and it wasn’t great either. If I had to pick one based on taste alone I’m pretty sure I would pick the Kashi it tastes great with milk or alone. The Glutino Gluten Free Corn Rice Flake with Strawberries taste great dry but I don’t like the texture or the taste as much with milk. In a pinch I would buy the Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings simply because I’m craving cereal but not because of the taste. Have you tried a gluten free cereal that you love?

Wheat-Free/ Gluten-Free Crouton substitute!!! Yay me!

8 Feb

I really needed a quick light snack before bed so I tasted these Glutino bagel crisps. They were full of flavor! I liked these gluten free bagel crisps a lot because they remind me of croutons. They are a yummy little snack. I definetly recommend these gluten free Glutino bagel crisps for general snacking and for salad toppings!

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