Chronicles of a stay at home mom…

Doing it all from scratch
A family of seven with multiple food allergies and a roundtable of food critics…

Let’s start by saying I have no idea what I am doing in the kitchen. But, I try anyways. If you are like me you’ll understand. I’m a pretty picky eater but I also suffer from food boredom. If I have to go through all of the trouble to make myself or my family a meal (pretty much from scratch) it darn well better taste good. I have several go to recipe websites and books but nothings fool proof. Over the past few years I’ve made a few dishes that keep replaying week after week. They aren’t perfected but they are edible and usually delicious. However, as I said before I get bored so I’m constantly trying new things. Which means I often create something that’s barely edible or goes straight in the trash after one taste. Oh and besides my own culinary disabilities I’m dealing with shopping in a small town that only has two major stores for groceries.

There are other little local stores I’ve tried to shop in but I found those experiences to be a bit scary, I think I need a local as a guide.

I also have to please the critics currently a crew of 5 plus a newborn that will be voicing his opinion soon enough. That’s the reality check out the recipes…


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