Whoops I did it again!

9 Jul

How in the world do I keep poisoning my children? Yesterday was the little one’s first birthday and we didn’t have time to celebrate properly, so today I baked him a giant red velvet cupcake and we had ice cream and all the fixings for a party. I just gave him his little slice of cake and ice cream and he was sitting in his high chair playing and eating and having a good time. He was so excited to have his piece of cake then I realized he wasn’t really eating anymore he just looked miserable and he was scratching, and scratching, and scratching. I figured he had a bunch of cake and ice cream all over himself so I’d give him a bath and make dinner and all would be well. To my surprise as I was bathing him I realized he was covered in his chest area and around his neck in giant welts much like the ones his sister had when she was having a peanut allergy reaction so I freaked a little bit. I quickly washed him off, got him out of the tub, and started to survey his welts. I had no idea what was causing this reaction. So I covered him in some Dermacort. Put some clothes on him to help keep him from scratching and ran off to the store to get the Benadryl I couldn’t find at home. Once I got to the medication aisle at the grocery store I remembered where the Benadryl was. I called home and hubby verified that it’s there but as I’m looking at all the medication I see that you have to be two years or older to use all of it. Smart me I pick up the phone again and I find the 800# for our nurse hotline, am I genius or what? I called the nurse and after chitchatting with her for a minute I told her what was going on and unfortunately it turns out they can’t prescribe or suggest any Benadryl for anyone under 20 pounds and I believe the baby is only about 14 pounds he’s such a tiny little guy. so I head home to see what I can do for him there. Luckily, by the time I got home he was fine as if it never even happened! What a fluke…


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