Feces on my legs and urine in my eye, oh my!

28 Nov

This amazing moment has been brought to you by my lovely 4 month old son and my 3 year old daughter. I’m writing about this because the title is part of a statement I made as I headed to the bathroom to clean up. The statement ended with a lovingly sarcastic “I love being a mom” directed at my dear hubby who I doubt even heard me. It lead me to thoughts of how and why I’m here living the life of a stay at home mom.

My husband seems to think we have so many kids simply because of my Christian values but that’s not it at all. I didn’t grow up spending a lot of time playing house with my little dollies and dreaming of the day I’d marry prince charming and have gorgeous little babies to love and care for. Infact once I got my hands on Barbie most of my play time was spent making her look fabulous and acting out her amazing life. I loved playing around with her various outfits and fantasizing about the things she would do. One of my earliest memories was the day I decided to make her a bathing suit out of a ballon. Barbie was my world for many, many years. I wanted to be like Barbie! As they say she could do anything! She looked amazing and mine had a penthouse, a dream house, a horse and a car. She could even chose to go to a beautiful 5 star restaurant, McDonald’s or a cute little ice cream parlor (so I was a little spoiled, it was my one obsession). Who wouldn’t want to be her and do the things she did?

I had dreams of acting, singing, modeling and designing clothes. Not once do I remember visualizing being a stay at home mom. So how did I wind up a mommy of five spending my day cleaning up excrement? Lets just say love truly is blind. Some were planned and some were surprises. I have the unlucky ability to have a problem with every form of birth control I’ve ever tried. When it comes to abortion I just don’t like the concept for many reasons well beyond a religious belief of the sanctity of life.

First one being that I was probably traumatized back in high school when a very opinionated classmate did an oral report against it including a graphic video of the process. That alone should be enough to make a lot of people not want to under go this elective procedure. It should even be required viewing for everyone before making this choice. Secondly, I don’t like the idea of not giving someone a chance to prove they belong here. Each and every person here on earth has an impact good or bad. I don’t think it matters what religion you are or aren’t I think everyone can see and relate to that concept. Could you imagine where we would be if some of our great minds had been aborted like Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison? What about leaders like Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks that helped completely change the way we live. Whenever I find myself pregnant I think of my child’s future contribution to society. They may or may not turn out to be great scientists and inventors. They may not leave a giant noticeable mark on society. But, they will and do touch lives. They bring hope and peace in times of dispare. They are caring, sharing, loving, compassionate individuals each with their own agenda and goals in life. Hopefully, they will raise another generation of amazing kids and who knows what will sprig forth out of that tribe. So even though I did not grow up like a lot of other little girls playing house dreaming of the day I would get married and have children of my own here I am. A stay at home mommy with five amazing kids that keep me on my toes and a wonderful husband. A far cry from the life I imagined in my youth of modeling, acting and designing clothes but it’s my life. Even with the quirky daily mishaps, I love it.

Somewhere along this path, I must have bumped my head on something pretty hard because I wouldn’t trade getting to know and help shape these amazing individuals for anything in the world.


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