Why did I eat that???

14 Nov


I know you’re wondering what it was? It looks disgusting after the fact it looked pretty bad during the process as well. We’ve all been there, the second we see or taste it we realize this food item is not right for us but we eat it anyways.

Going through this restrictive diet has been so ridiculous I decided to switch it up a bit. I was craving hot dogs but since I can’t have a bun or canned chili because of the wheat-free, egg free, dairy free diet I’m on it sounded quite boring. As I was going through the usual suspects I thought about a tasty treat from my childhood and decided to revisit it. Once when we didn’t have any hot dog buns my older cousin introduced me to a very strange concoction. He cut an opening down the middle of his hot dog wiener and filled it with grape jelly. I don’t know why I thought my adult taste buds would find this as delightful as I did back then but I went for it. Perhaps the wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free diet was effecting my brain. I sat down with my Welch’s natural grape jelly and my Oscar Mayer nitrate free beef hot dogs expecting a tasteful explosion of salty and sweet, hot and cold.
I was extremely disappointed. Instead I tasted greasy, blubbery yuck! I wanted to spit it back out but I was hungry, so hungry I ate it. Will I do it again? Maybe, but the real question is will you try it? What strange food combinations do you enjoy? Is there something you loved to eat when you were younger that you wouldn’t dare try now?


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