No Whey

10 Nov

My lovely son has been having a rough couple of months here on Earth. I had a rough time carrying him as well but it’s all starting to make sense now. The poor thing has had excessive vomiting going on since the day he was born. He was grumpy and fussy if he wasn’t asleep or eating. His skin wasn’t happy either but I assumed it would correct itself. I definitely noticed a difference between him and the rest of the kids. Since he is exclusively breastfeeding my doctor suggested that I stop drinking milk to see if that would help. I tried it but didn’t see any change. Through some research online I realized I couldn’t have chocolate either. Then my mother gave me a long list of things she couldn’t eat when I was little like broccoli because it made me gassy. I tried my best to avoid these things for two weeks. He didn’t seem to get much better. He was just fussing and crying all the time. This time the doctor decided he probably had heartburn/acid reflux and gave me a prescription. This seemed to work somewhat better. I could sit him down awake for longer periods of time and more frequently throughout the day without hearing him scream and whimper. This was a relief. Then I realized his skin had cleared of all the normal newborn stuff but he definitely had Eczema. Luckily I had an excellent natural lotion to deal with that so I didn’t have to get a prescription I just make sure to lotion him up two to three times a day. Then due to a little accident we ran out of the medication a few days earlier than my insurance was willing to pay for more. I decided to take this opportunity to see if he was any better. He was not. He screamed all the time, he threw up 4 times in a row after a meal. No one wanted to get caught holding him at the wrong time. I did some research and realized that his eczema, fussing and vomiting could all be an allergic reaction but I would have to make a very drastic change in my diet. So here I am on a ten-day strict elimination diet. No dairy, that includes whey and casein, no eggs, no wheat, no chocolate and no nuts. I am starving!!! I love bread! Sandwiches, wraps, toast, burritos, pitas, bagels I don’t know how to exist without flour or baked goods. I’m making it up as I go along rice, potatoes and grits instead of bread, waffles or cereals. Last night everyone else enjoyed homemade baked macaroni and cheese with their steak and asparagus I had some yams instead. I’m not sure what’s for dinner tonight but I’ll try to make it interesting…


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